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Students Unleash Their Superhero Powers at Spring Fling

Brookdale students, staff and faculty “unleashed the power within” them during the Student Life Board’s annual Spring Fling week, held this year from April 19-21. Each day was filled with food, games, prizes and other fun-filled activities centered around a comic book superhero theme.

Tuesday’s kickoff event included karaoke, inviting students to become the hero on a comic book-themed stage. Crowds of spectators gathered around and enjoyed the rousing – and sometimes comical – performances from their colleagues and fellow students. To fit the theme, one student sang “Kryptonite” – a Superman-inspired 2002 pop hit by 3 Doors Down.

To help students cool off from karaoke, free superhero smoothies were available from Culinart. Students could choose from a range of comic-themed beverages, including The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and The Thing. Attendees were also able to capture the moment with free “green screen” photos, which were edited to include comic book heroes and backgrounds.

The next day included an evening movie screening of Marvel Comic’s “Ant Man,” starring Paul Rudd. Audience members gathered on the lawn of the lower SLC patio with popcorn, refreshments and blankets to watch the action unfold.

Students square off in a "Hulk"-themed Sumo battle during Spring Fling on April 21.

Students square off in a “Hulk”-themed Sumo battle during Spring Fling on April 21.

Spring Fling 2016 concluded with the “Gathering of Heroes,” held on April 21 during college hour. The large-scale outdoor event included an array of activities such as Hulk-themed sumo wrestling, “The Flash” bungee run and the “Spiderman” sticky wall.

Photography student Mark DeYoung said his favorite part was watching the bungee run.

“It’s so great to see students having a good time and enjoying some free time, especially this close to finals,” DeYoung said.

A free lunch of subs, funnel cakes, fried Oreo’s and ice cream was available for the more than 150 people in attendance. A video gaming tent was set up, where members of the SLB gave away “Unleash the Power Within You” T-shirts to everyone who liked their Facebook page.

“Spring Fling is just a fun way to end a year’s worth of hard work,” said SLB president Danielle Banyacski. “We surveyed the student body during the planning stages of this event to make sure everyone has a good time.”

The event, sponsored by Brookdale’s office of Student Life and Activities, was a successful celebration of the 2015-16 school year, said business student Mike Dolan.

“Events like this really help unify everyone during a stressful time of the semester,” he said. “They did a great job in organizing this year’s Spring Fling.”

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– Article by Mikaela Mazzeo, college relations intern