Thursday, June 04

Brookdale Newsroom

Students ‘ThinkFast’ to Win at Triva

On Tuesday March 4, Student Life and Activities sponsored a ThinkFast Trivia game for students during college-hour. ThinkFast  is an interactive, live trivia game show where a professional host asks a series of trivia questions. More than 27 teams and individuals competed for a $200 cash prize.

The final four competitors are pictured here. To get to the final round, students needed smarts, nice moves, and luck. Two of the final four spots were awarded to the two contestants who had scored the highest score in the preliminary round, by answering the most questions correctly. The third spot was awarded to the winner of a 30 second dance competition, voted in by the audience. The final spot was the wild-card and was given at random by the audience. To be declared the winner, the contestants had to buzz in and answer questions within ten seconds to gain points. Student Chris Heil (pictured third from the left) was first one to reach 10,000 points and was declared the winner.

Visit the photo gallery to view photos from ThinkFast Triva.

By: Meredith Miller, student worker, College Relations