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Students Team Up in 2018 STEM Quiz Bowl
Ana Teodorescu tallies points for a question during the Stem Quiz Bowl

Brookdale students teamed up to show off their knowledge in science, math, technology and engineering at this year’s STEM Quiz Bowl hosted on April 17 in the Navesink Rooms.

A total of ten teams of six went head-to-head, scribbling as many correct answers as possible on their dry erase boards.  Questions ranged from what programming language was female computer scientist Grace Hopper responsible for developing, to finding out whether a block of iron or wood is more buoyant in water.

The “quizmasters,” professors responsible for keeping the questions both challenging and interesting, included biology professor Frank Pietpetrollo, chemistry professor Eric Goll, engineering and technology professor Lisa Hailey, mathematics professor Susan Monroe, computer science instructor Peter Geiselman, mathematics instructor Michael Nolan and physics professor Nancy Liu.

Professors Spyro Roubos and Ana Teodorescu tallied the points for each team, with Roubos wearing his iconic tie-dye lab coat and Teodorescu sporting glitter covered attire, a red cape and a plastic bowler hat that displayed “Quiz Bowl”.

"The Leftovers" wait for correct answer

The team, “The Leftovers, wait for the correct answer to be displayed.

Although the main focus for the STEM Quiz Bowl is in the academics, Teodorescu feels that there is more to it.

“It’s all about continuity of teamwork. What we hope for is that the students that are ready to graduate helps guide the first-year students in problem solving when being paired together.”

While the competitors displayed their prowess in the STEM related trivia and questions, they also showed their cleverness in their team names, such as Ana^Rescue, ÷ and Conquer, and Just ∫du It.

It was the team  Ana^Rescue, a label that cleverly paid tribute to Teodorescu’s last name, who was victorious in the end after several close rounds with Archimedes Anarchist, who bared a similar name and and some of the same team members as last year’s winners Anarchist Archimedians.

Each member of the winning team receives a $100 Visa Gift Card. Second and third place winners receive a $75 and $50 Visa gift card each, respectively.

While Ana^Rescue secured their win halfway through the last round, the tie breaker round came between the teams ÷ and Conquer and yikes. ÷ and Conquer in end won the third place prize totaling $300.

John Lee, a 19-year-old engineering major from Ocean and member of Ana^Rescue, was ecstatic about winning this year’s bowl.

“It feels great,” Lee said. “We put up a great fight against Archimedes Anarchist and without the staff and faculty always being there to teach us these things, we wouldn’t have made it this far in the Bowl or in class in general.”

The STEM Quiz Bowl was organized and hosted by the Student Life Board, the Math Club, the Physics and Astronomy Club, W.E.S.T., the Biology Club, the Chemistry Society, the Computer Science Club and the Engineering Student Association.

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By Minh Connors