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Students Take Over the CVA Gallery

Nearly 200 Brookdale art and photography students are represented in a new mixed-media exhibition in the CVA Gallery, which opened to members of the community on Dec. 1.

The annual Studio Art & Photography Student Assessment Show, on display through Dec. 11, features hundreds of examples of the best student artwork created during the fall semester. From photography to sculpture, surrealism to hyper-realism, the exhibit showcases the wide range of talents and tastes that have been cultivated this year in each of Brookdale’s various arts courses.

“Our students work really hard, so this show is kind of a reward for them near the end of the semester,” said art professor and exhibit co-curator Edward Stein. “They are proud to show their work to their parents, the community, and see how it compares to students in other art classes. Without a show like this, there’s simply no way that everybody would be able to see all this work.”

Art student Danielle Everett speaks with English professor Jack Ryan in the CVA Gallery on Dec. 1.

Art student Danielle Everett speaks with English professor Jack Ryan in the CVA Gallery on Dec. 1.

The show is also an important learning tool for young artists and arts scholars, requiring them to talk about their work and make honest assessments about each piece they created during the year, Stein added.

“They have to be able to develop a portfolio, and this is one really good way to do that. It helps them find out what their best work is,” he said.

“And if they are transferring to other schools, they are going to be competing with other students. I think it’s good for them to know where they stand, how far they have come and how far they have to go.”

The show also serves as a college-wide assessment tool for Brookdale arts and photography courses. Visitors are encouraged to fill out a survey and share their opinions of the work, the students’ effort and the quality of the arts education taught in each course. Those assessments help Brookdale faculty weigh the effectiveness of each class, section and instructor.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our classes and provide the best education possible,” said art professor Marie Maber. “This is just one more way to do that.”

Brookdale art student Danielle Everett was one of many students showcasing her work for the first time. A one-time film major, Everett said she rediscovered a lifelong passion for art at Brookdale and is now pursuing a career as a grammar school art teacher.

Standing near her display and showing off her work to family and faculty, Everett said she was thrilled to be able to see her work hanging in the CVA Gallery.

“It’s very exciting, after all your hard work, to have it hung up there like that,” she said. “I’m very proud.”

The exhibition is free and open to the public. For showing hours or to schedule a viewing, contact the CVA Gallery at (732) 224-2881. For more information on Brookdale’s art and photography programs, click here.

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Feature photo by Mark DeYoung, College Relations intern.