Tuesday, February 25

Brookdale Newsroom

Students ‘Speak Out’ on Disability Services

Addressing concerns surrounding disability services on campus, the Student Life Board hosted an open Speak Out conference on Thursday, December 4, in the Student Life Center. College students, along with concerned faculty and alumni, filled the audience discussing what they feel the college needs to improve in order to reach the goal of accessibility for all.

The forum included a panel of staff made up of Vice President of Business & Finance, Maureen Lawrence, Learning Disabilities Assistant, Barbara Alberts, and the Director of Disabilities, Ernest Oversen. Each member agreed the campus was having various issues regarding disabilities services and that these should be fixed as soon as possible.

The biggest public concern stemmed from the amount of handicap parking spaces on the Brookdale campus. There was a request for an increase of these spaces, but Ernest Oversen informed audience’s that the number of handicap spaces depends on the number of total spaces in the overall lot. Oversen stated, “Unfortunately, it is out of our control.”

To end the discussion, the safety of wheelchair ramps in the winter came into question. Many expressed their concerns of snow blocking the pathways and ice not being removed. Lawrence agreed this is one improvement the college will take action on.

By: Michele Ziobro, student intern