Monday, September 28

Brookdale Newsroom

Students Showcase Work at Lincroft and the HEC’s

The Second Annual Student Achievement Showcase was held at the Lincroft campus May 7 and throughout the week at the Higher Education Centers.  Attendees in Lincroft chose from among 40 lectures, PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations throughout the day.  Sessions included such topics as trends at a Hookah bar, the influence of comic books on American culture and how the heist film genre has changed over time. 

The Student Achievement Showcase was launched last year as a way to provide students with a forum to share their learning experiences publicly.   The day gives students  the opportunity to engage in the kinds of presentations skills they will need as adults and to experience what it is like be taken seriously by an audience, noted Brandon Gramer, showcase coordinator.

This marked the first year the HECs were invited to participate by holding their own showcases.

At the Hazlet HEC, student  Juan Polanco presented a paper he had written in his English Writing and Research class entitled “Shift Work Kills.”  Polanco works a third shift at night so he can take classes at Brookdale during the day.

At the Long Branch HEC, nine non-credit ESL students presented photographs and paintings, handmade jewelry and crafts. One student gave an exercise demonstration.  A tenth student presented a paper from a Fundamentals of Writing class.

“A lot of our students can’t get to the main campus, so this lets them showcase their abilities and show other students at our campus what they are doing,” Shana Williams, HEC learning assistant and Long Branch showcase coordinator, said.

To see photos from the showcase, click here.