Sunday, February 23

Brookdale Newsroom

Students Rally For Breast Cancer Awareness

As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, dozens of Brookdale students and faculty members are trying to make sure the disease remains in the spotlight for a long time to come.

On Oct. 29, more than 40 first- and second-year radiologic technology students came together to draw attention to breast cancer, a disease that will affect one in every eight women born in the U.S today.

The students, alongside instructor Kathleen Taggart and Prof. Terry Konn, donned pink clothes and made signs highlighting little known facts and important statistics surrounding the disease.

Some signs drew attention to free mammograms available to women, and detailed how early detection and screening can help prevent or slow the spread of the breast cancer. Others debunked commonly held myths about the disease and highlighted its occurrence in men as well as women.

While the national attention may move on to other issues as the calendar flips to November, Taggert said her students are personally committed to the fight against breast cancer and other costly diseases. That won’t end any time soon, she added.

“All of these students are training to enter the health care field,” she said. “They want to get involved in any way that they can.”