Monday, September 28

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Students Laugh at Lunch with Renowned Magician Ran’D Shine
A student and a magician stand on stage together in the Student Life Center.

Ran’D Shine, recently named the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities Magician of the Year, helped kicked off the Spring Semester ‘Laugh at Lunch’ series on Jan. 26 with a magic show in the Student Life Center. 

Close to 100 students and faculty filled the Navesink rooms to see Shine’s eclectic act, which featured jokes, commentary, illusions, and hypnosis, and snack on free sandwiches and refreshments. 

“Magic isn’t real or I would be a very powerful man,” said Shine, before starting his act. “I am just a practitioner of illusion.” 

A number of students were skeptical at first, but were ultimately stunned with Shine’s ability to trick the audience. One of his illusions encouraged student volunteers to stare at a black and white spiral and then look at their hands, which then seemed to be changing shape before their eyes. All of the volunteers immediately expressed astonishment.

Shine also showed off his mentalism abilities, successfully guessing what each of the student volunteers were thinking.

Many of the students found the performer as witty as he was bewildering, laughing out loud at his mature, sophisticated humor between tricks. 

Susie Pinon, a second-year psychology major, said she had a great time watching – and volunteering in – the show.

“It was really cool going up on stage,” she said. “I haven’t been to a magic show before, but I had a great first experience.”

Rand’s performance is the first of many free campus events scheduled for the Spring 2017 semester, all of which are sponsored by the Office of Student Life Activities.  The events series continued on Jan. 31 with a Live at Lunch performance of the Mantis Lion Dance in the Student Life Center. The performance, held in honor of Chinese New Year, also offered students a free buffet of authentic Chinese food. 

To learn more about upcoming Laugh at Lunch, Live at Lunch and other campus events, visit the Student Life and Activities Event Calendar.

“The point of these events is to give students a break during college hour and provide them with a relaxing afternoon of free food and good entertainment,” said Dawnyelle Calacday, secretary of the Brookdale Student Life Board. 

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– Article and photos by Minh Connors, college relations intern