Sunday, October 25

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Students Hit the Runway for the 2018 Brookdale Fashion Show
Students hit the runway for the 2018 brookdale fashion show

 Members of the Brookdale Fashion Club joined with local designers and fashion experts recently to host the 2018 Brookdale Fashion Show in the Student Life Center.

Brookdale fashion students took to the runway to showcase their Spring ’18 collections before a packed house of classmates, mentors and local fashion fans.

Dozens of people surrounded both sides of the runway as students and local models showed off their designer clothing by the FASH131 AND FASH132 classes, Gianna Giezey, Elie Wright, Cynthia Mathews-Duran, Jihad Peoples, Vanilla Sky, and Goofy Foot USA. From dresses to streetwear, students wowed the audience with their take on the latest trends for the upcoming year.

“We had our students come up with designs that focused on sustainability and utilizing recycled materials,” said Fashion Club president Elie Wright.

Each collection was met with an enthusiastic applause and attendees expressed overall praise for the fashion show. Some attendees were even seen diligently browsing the clothing racks set up for potential customers after the event.

AnnMarie Hughes, faculty advisor to the Brookdale’s Fashion Club and instructor of fashion merchandising and marketing, was especially proud of her students’ final designs.

“The sustainability theme has been something that has been very important to the students and faculty. Sustainability in Fashion is a growing trend and our students have embraced it fully. The students have been working tirelessly on this show, and their hard work paid off,” she said. “The sold-out show was an absolute success and I am so proud of all of them!”

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