Wednesday, June 03

Brookdale Newsroom

Students Gather to ‘Commit to Complete’ at C4 Pep Rally

The patio outside the Student Life Center (SLC) on Brookdale Community College’s Lincroft campus was transformed on April 10 during College Hour to the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) C4 Pep Rally.

The Pep Rally, which was sponsored by Alpha Pi Theta, Brookdale’s chapter of PTK, was developed to further promote the C4 initiative.  C4 encourages students throughout the state to take a pledge to complete their associate degree or certificate before transferring to a four-year college or university or entering the job market. Statistically, completion of an associate degree or certificate aids the transfer process to a four-year school, enhances job security, and according to the US Census Bureau, increases earnings up to $8,000 more per year and $400,000 in a lifetime.

Students enjoyed music, snacks and fun. Delila Reed, President of Alpha Pi Theta, and Richard Pfeffer, Dean of Enrollment Development and Student Affairs, were ‘treated’ to dessert – a pie in the face.

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