Thursday, February 27

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Students Find ‘Puppy Love’ on Valentine’s Day
A group of students plays with a collie dressed in a red dress on the floor on the Bankier Library.

Usually, no pets are allowed in a library. But on Feb. 14, five furry visitors broke that rule by setting up camp in Brookdale’s Bankier Library in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

To comfort and delight students on the sometimes difficult holiday, library staff teamed up with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs to host a visit by five friendly canines.

“Usually we arrange for therapy dogs to visit during anti-stress week. The students loved the dogs so much,” said associate library Professor Amy Clark. “We understand Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time for some, so the Library staff and I decided to bring back the dogs for some puppy love.”

Dozens of students came to pet and take pictures with the dogs and snack on free chocolate and hot beverages. Some of the dogs did tricks as students laughed and applauded, while others donned Valentine’s Day-themed clothing and heart-shaped sunglasses.

The dogs were a variety of breeds: Nelly, a lab/hound mix; Tamela, a golden retriever;  Macy, a collie; Tally, a lab/chow-chow mix; and Dottie, a Labrador retriever. All of the dogs share one thing: they are trained and certified to provide affection and comfort for anyone in need.

Second-year education major Taylor Rizzi was one of the many students at the event who was touched by the canines and their therapeutic abilities.

“Valentine’s Day can be a lonely day for some people,” she said. “The dogs can be really comforting, plus they are really cute.”

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Article and photos by Minh Connors, college relations intern