Wednesday, April 01

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Students Create Personalized Art During College Hour

The celebration of the month of February continued at Brookdale on Feb. 19 as the Office of Student Life and Activities gave students a unique, artistic diversion during college hour.

Two events held simultaneously in the Student Life Center and the Larrison Hall lobby allowed students to create either a personalized photo keychain or a signature piece of Chinese name art. Or, if students were willing to brave the cold and visit both events, they could walk away with both.

Dozens of students took advantage of the dual “Daytime Diversions,” channeling their creative side to craft a key chain from a wide variety of designs and watching as a professional Chinese artist transformed their names in a work of art.


Members of the Brookdale Student Life Board hosted two “Daytime Diversion” events on the Lincroft campus on Feb. 19.

Lauren Brutsman, assistant director of Brookdale’s Office of Student Life and Activities, said the purpose of the events was to bring students together.

“We offer these free ‘diversions’ throughout the semester to encourage students to explore campus life a little bit,” Brutsman said. “You can take a break from your classes, try something new and meet some new people.”

Patrick Twardowski, a member of the Brookdale Student Life Board, said these activities “allows the campus to connect.”

“Students get to experience something different, something totally unique” Twardowski said.

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