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Student Research Celebrated at Library Award Ceremony

On Wednesday, April 17, 2013, several students were recognized for their hard work and research at the Bankier Library. Librarian and faculty member Amy Clark presented students with certificates and praise for their academic efforts for their participation in this year’s Bankier Library Research Award Contest.

The Bankier Library Research Award Contest continues to enjoy success and strong support from students and faculty alike. Clark initiated this program approximately six years ago after attending a conference where the idea was presented.

“We want to open students to the Library, promote information literacy, and foster positive relationships between students and faculty,” pronounced Clark from her podium during her opening notes.  The contest required significant collaboration from multiple College departments as well as substantial student concentration.

Any student who completed a research project for a Brookdale course during the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2012 semesters was eligible to submit his/her work to the 2012 contest. In addition to presenting a research paper, students had to complete a process essay which further explained their research methodology and rationale. Students also required endorsement from their instructors.

This year, a total of 15 students submitted entries for this year’s contest:
“Global Warming” by Omar Abdo
“Alternate Energy” by Seif Abdo
“Alcohol vs. Abstinence While Pregnant” by Deanna Bauerlein
“Body Language: An Inception of Who We Are and Who We Can Be” by Lauren Cisneros (2nd place)
“Keeping the Affordable Care Act in the United States” by Jaclyn Cohn
“Armstrong: Hero or Doper” by Jonathan Finnegan
“Eating Disorders” by Nicole Forman
“The House of Tomorrow” by Gabriella Goode (Honorable mention)
“Driver Vision Re-testing: The Unseen Problem Lurking on Our Roads” by Alycia Grant (1st place)
“Richard ‘The Iceman’ Kuklinski: Professional vs. Serial Killers” by Jaime McCarron (recognized at the ceremony)
“Religion Has Its Place: Just Not in Public school Science Classrooms” by Jean McCormack (3rd place)
“Don’t Support the Troops: Destruction of the Middle East” Michael Paparatto
“The Effects of Elderly Drivers” by Michelle Pilchuk (recognized at the ceremony)
“Why Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legal” by Anna Przybyla
“Gianlorenzo Bernini’s Head of Saint Jerome” by Jeffery Velez

The selection committee this year consisted of librarians Amy Clark, Valerie Bonilla, and Shay Delcurla, as well as fellow faculty members Robert McGovern from the English Department and Diana Glynn from the Psychology Department. Submissions were primarily evaluated on research excellence as evidenced by the range and quality of the sources on the bibliography, along with the required process essay describing research strategies, source evaluation and selection techniques, and personal learning about the research process.

The victors were presented certificates of achievement and given cash prizes.  The top four placing contestants will be commemorated by having their work displayed on the walls of the Info Café in the Library through 2013, their names engraved on a plaque, and by having spiral bound copies of their works included and indexed in the Library’s archive collection and catalog .

For more information, visit Bankier Library Research Award webpage or contact Amy Clark at aclark@brookdalecc.edu.

By: Matthew C. Ragucci, Supervisor Bankier Library

Photo from left to right: Lauren Cisneros (2nd place), faculty sponsor Brandon Gramer;  Alycia Grant (1st place), faculty sponsor Joe King, Jean McCormack (3rd place), Amy Clark, Selection Committee Chairperson.