Monday, September 28

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Student Athletes Earn Academic Honors
A collage of headshots depicting Brookdale athletes in a variety of sports.

More than 50 of Brookdale’s highest achieving student athletes received some well-deserved recognition last week, after being named to the Athletic Director’s Academic Honor Roll for the Fall 2016 term.

The honors were announced by Brookdale Athletic Director Shawn Noel, who congratulated each of the students for upholding the highest standards of excellence both in the classroom and on the field.

“I continue to be proud of how our student-athletes perform in the classroom and of the support given by the coaches, faculty, administrators and staff at Brookdale,” Noel said.  

To be named to the honor roll, students must earn a grade point average of a 3.0 or better for the semester.  The Fall 2016 Honor Roll members are:


Bauser, Jake; Cimmino, Andrew; Clime, Elvis; Falk, Mike; Fossa, Alberto; Knight, Patrick; Reyes, Gerardo


Carbone, Olivia; Coppinger, Lauren; Curry, Jillisa; Evans, Bethany; Lewis, Danielle; Mego, Megan; Grillo, Jordan M

Men’s Cross Country

Arroyo, Robert

Women’s Cross Country

Fite, Hannah; Kelley, Shannon

Women’s Soccer 

Breaud, Kayla; Corcione, Brooke; Grillo, Jordan M; Maniace, Kathleen; Montefinese, Michelle; Monteleone, Melissa; Radoncic, Endila; Ramsey, Brittany

Men’s Soccer

Drake, Noah A; Jeanvilma, Willio; Mazmishvili, Tsotne; Murawski, Steven; Ribot, Matthew; Spadavecchia, Ross; Thompson, Colin; Tremarco, Vincent

Men’s Tennis

Evans, Jacob; Hamzic, Emir; Hamzic, Riad; Moamen, Mostafa

Women’s Basketball

Andrews, Che’Kasha; Bankole, Hermione; Montefinese, Michelle

Men’s Basketball

Bradshaw, Kyle; Kirkwood, Kerry; Lee, Young; Olukanni, Zachary; Ringel, Matthew

Women’s Volleyball

Allender, Brianne; Castro, Fernando; DeJesus, Jennybell; Goodrow, Stephanie; Hand, Katrina; Zielenbach, Brandy

Men’s Lacrosse

Pojero, JT; Sita, Andrew


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