Tuesday, June 02

Brookdale Newsroom

Connecting Math to Community Service

Based on the Math Department’s last program review, our students expressed that they wanted an internship opportunity. This inspired us to create a math internship course, which is now known as Math 299. This internship course is run and overseen by faculty in the math department, which makes it very unique and different from many other internship courses.

This semester (Spring 2013), our internship students worked with data from MonmouthCares, a private non-profit agency that works with emotionally and behaviorally challenged children along with their families. We guided our students as they analyzed data that was collected by MonmouthCares over the past year. The students have created professional reports to present to MonmouthCares which provides the organization with statistics and insight on different facets of their agency.       

In our Scholars Day presentation, we will talk about our efforts to create this course and curriculum, and discuss the organizations that the students work with and how the course will benefit the students.

By: Catherine Martin and Hanli Huang, Math Department