Monday, April 06

Brookdale Newsroom

Students Present at Student Achievement Showcase

Students were invited to lead workshops, panel discussions, and presentations as part of the first Student Achievement Showcase, of which faculty and staff attended. This event was created by members of Governance’s Student Development Committee to highlight the achievements of Brookdale students.

Discussions included:

Chemistry Journal Research – Samantha Ebner
Faces of a Culture: Analyzing Gender Representations in K-pop – Danielle DeGalla
ALFPA Session: Business and Finance Club – Nate Rivera and ALPFA members
Bankier Library Research Award – Winners Lauren Cisneros and Jean McCormack
Conquer Cancer Club: Community Service Achievements
48 Hour Film Festival – Rick Cook, Sergio Cassel
Batman Franchise Marketing Findings – Owen Daly-Forseth
Student Nursing Association: PRN Pals – SNA Officers
PTK Community Service Project – Zac Eisenberg and PTK members
Buying Beautiful: Advertising and its Legacy of Doling out Dysphoria – Katherine Wilson

By: Matthew C. Ragucci, Supervisor Bankier Library

Photo from left to right:  Daniel Correa, Professor Brandon Gramer, Bradley Rauen, Justin Melendez, Victoria Anderson, and Erica Susanto