Saturday, August 15

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Brookdale’s Paralegal Studies Program Trains Students for In-Demand Careers
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Paralegals are expected to be one of the fastest growing occupations according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Brookdale Community College’s Paralegal Studies Department offers the education and experience you need to pursue this in-demand career.

Those who are interested in our legal system, have an investigative mind, like to do research, are skilled at writing, or picture themselves behind the scenes would excel in a career as a paralegal. They research and investigate legal matters as well as interview clients, sources, and experts. Paralegals commonly review case law, search for supportive materials, draft and edit legal materials as well as prepare reports and exhibits.

Legal paraprofessionals work under the supervision of licensed attorneys in a wide variety of legal settings like law firms, court systems, state and local government offices, insurance industries, healthcare, corporate offices, and finance. This is an exciting and growing career field.

“Our graduates work in law firms of all sizes and specialty areas throughout the central NJ area,” said Michael Sullivan, associate professor in the Paralegal Studies Department at Brookdale. “We have also placed our graduates in government offices, the NJ Judiciary, banking industry, healthcare, insurance, and financial markets,” he said.

Brookdale’s Paralegal Studies Department offers two options for those who want to join the field of paralegals. The first option is the Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies designed for students who want the education and training to pursue this career option.  While this program is not designed for transfer, many graduates of the program have successfully transferred to four-year colleges and universities. The department has several articulation and transfer agreements with four-year colleges; the most popular agreement is the Labor Studies program with Rutgers University.

The second option Brookdale’s Paralegal Studies Department offers, the Paralegal Studies Academic Credit Certificate, is designed for students who already have an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. It prepares students to enter the paralegal field by focusing on the required paralegal courses needed to achieve in this profession.

“The number one thing about our program is its reputation,” Sullivan said. “We are one of the most highly regarded paralegal studies programs in the state.”

To learn more about Brookdale Community College’s Paralegal Studies Department and the education you need to enter this growing career path, join us at a Virtual Q&A Session on Thursday, July 16 at noon. Faculty members and recent graduates will give an overview of the program, talk about transfer options, and offer advice about pursuing a career as a paralegal. Visit https://www.brookdalecc.edu/paralegal/ to register.