Sunday, October 25

Brookdale Newsroom

Brookdale Police Department Welcomes New Officer
David Stout, Alexander Perkins, and Rob Kimler.

Alexander C. Perkins was sworn in as a probationary police officer for the Brookdale Community College Police Department on October 1.

Officer Alexander Perkins being sworn in.

Dr. David Stout swears in Alexander Perkins while his mother, Debbie Perkins, holds the Bible.

Perkins is a proud Brookdale graduate. After finishing at Brookdale in 2018, Perkins went to New Jersey City University (NJCU). “I learned about the partnership Brookdale had with NJCU and it was great,” he said. “NJCU took all my credits so it was an easy transfer process.” Perkins graduated from NJCU in May 2020.

While still a college student, Perkins worked as a Special Class 2 Police Officer for the Fair Haven Police Department for two and a half years.

“I want to congratulate you. It is an amazing accomplishment not only to graduate from Brookdale but then also your success when you went onto New Jersey City University,” said Dr. David Stout, president of Brookdale, to Perkins. “I also want to congratulate the Police Department for picking such a high quality candidate,” he said.

“Brookdale has a very long history of community policing and a fantastic relationship with our Police Department,” said Dr. Stout. “The relationship between the college, police, and students is so critical,” he said.

“In this community as much as any, maybe more so here because of the amount of young people we deal with, it is really important that we get a great person to join our department,” said Robert Kimler, Brookdale Chief of Police. “We make sure that we get to know the individual before we offer the hiring opportunity because we want to make sure it is a good fit for the officer, for us, and for the community.”

Perkin’s family, friends, and fellow Fair Haven officers attended his swearing in ceremony held outside of the Student Life Center on Brookdale’s Lincroft campus.

Photo caption: Dr. David Stout, Alexander Perkins, and Robert Kimler at the swearing in ceremony.