Wednesday, April 01

Brookdale Newsroom

Poseidon Student Featured in Teen Arts Festival

One of Brookdale’s youngest students made a big splash last weekend during the 2015 Teen Arts Festival, held March 19 and 20 on the Lincroft campus.

Kaylia Mighty, a high school freshman and an inaugural member of the Poseidon Early College High School Program at the Neptune Higher Education Center, was selected as a featured artist in this year’s festival. While painting is only a hobby for Mighty – who plans to pursue a career in oncology – the experience was a fantastic opportunity to grow, learn and explore one of her passions, she said.

“I was very excited, but also a little nervous,” Mighty said. “I’m not one who like to display their work. But I got to see so many wonderful works of art and meet some extremely wonderful people. I also enjoyed the critiques from the other artists and the various workshops we were able to attend.”

Throughout the two-day festival, Mighty said she not only learned about her chosen medium of painting, but was able to explore everything from pop-up book art to spray-painting.

“I really enjoyed the spray-painting workshop, but I had to slip out because of the smell,” she said.

Mighty was encouraged to participate in the festival by a high school teacher, who had previously worked with her on a window painting excursion in Ocean Township.

While the Teen Arts Festival, which featured nearly 2,000 students from middle schools and high schools across Monmouth County, was Mighty’s first foray into publicly displaying her work, the young painter said she is more than happy she got involved.

“I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand. I love art,” she said. “It has always been my way of expressing myself. It’s what make me who I am.”

More information on the Teen Arts Festival, sponsored by Monmouth Arts, is available here.

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