Monday, August 10

Brookdale Newsroom

Police Raise “Dough” For Breast Cancer Research

Several years ago, Brookdale Police Department Captain Robert Kimler decided to hold a bake sale to raise money for the Susan G. Komen organization. The idea, he said, came from the realization that one out of every eight females born today will battle breast cancer at some point in their lives.

In the years since, the bake sale has become an annual event, routinely raising hundreds of dollars and bringing renewed attention to one of the most serious issues facing American women.

This year’s bake sale, held in the Student Life Center on Oct. 21, was dedicated to the memory of two beloved Brookdale employees who lost their lives to breast cancer over the last two years: Kim Stefanski, Scroll and Pen Bookstore employee, and Susan Carle, box office manager for the Performing Arts Center.

Kimler, his fellow officers and their families once again baked up trays of cakes, cookies, brownies and pink frosted cupcakes to raise more than $500 toward breast cancer research and help fight for a cure to the disease. Kimler and his daughters, who were up until 4 a.m. baking the night before, also created a “Tree For a Cure” mural to accompany the bake sale.


Rosemary Kochman and Captain Robert Kimler man the Police Department’s bake sale in the Student Life Center on Oct. 22.

The mural began the day as a bare cherry blossom tree. But customers and supporters were offered the opportunity to attach a small pink ribbon to the branches, turning it into a beautiful, fully “blossomed” tree by the end of the day.

The mural, like the bake sale, was less a fundraising tool than a symbol of hope, a way to bring the community together and push for meaningful progress in the fight against breast cancer, Kimler said.

“In a community where we have a very high female population and with a disease so widespread, this is a huge cause for us to support,” he said.

The bake sale, held each year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, was accompanied this year by a simultaneous bake sale organized at the Freehold campus by Dean David Stout.

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