Thursday, June 04

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Piano and Strings Sale Supports Music Education

More than 100 community members flocked to the Lincroft campus between Jan. 9 – 11 for a chance to buy high-end musical instruments at a rare discount, and help support music education in the process.

The first-ever Piano, Guitar and Strings Sale at Brookdale was part of a new partnership between the college and the Rockley Family Foundation, a national nonprofit benefiting school music programs and underprivileged musicians.

Students at Brookdale and schools across the country are able to learn and train on new instruments provided by the foundation. At the conclusion of the school year, those gently used instruments are sold to members of the community to support the following year’s program.

“It’s an absolute win-win for everyone involved,” said William Burns, dean of Arts and Communication at Brookdale. “At a time when all schools are looking for creative ways to support arts education, we are very happy to be a part of this unique program.”

More than 120 community members visited the Piano, Guitar and Strings sale from Jan. 9 - 11.

More than 120 community members visited the Piano, Guitar and Strings sale from Jan. 9 – 11.

Beginning on Jan. 9 in the Performing Arts Center, community members were able to make private appointments to browse the foundation’s massive selection of grand pianos, upright pianos, digital pianos, acoustic and electric guitars and orchestral strings.

On Jan. 11 the collection opened to the general public.

“It was definitely a success,” said Tobin Rockley, president and director of the Rockley Family Foundation.

“More than 120 people attended throughout the weekend, and we were very happy to see so many community members who were interested in supporting music education.”

While the intellectual and social benefits of music education have been common knowledge for many years, recent funding shortages have made the arts less accessible to the general public, Rockley said. Programs like these help keep music education available to all students, regardless of their economic background.

“Music education make students more complete people. If you want to raise a student’s test scores, buy them a piano. It’s really that simple,” Rockley said. “In addition, you could be losing your next Mozart if he or she doesn’t have to opportunity to realize the gift that they have. It’s important on so many levels.”

Through the new partnership, Brookdale received an in-kind of donation of more than $30,000 from the Rockley Foundation this year. For more information on the Rockley Family Foundation, visit their website.

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