Monday, September 28

Brookdale Newsroom

New “Pedestrian Thoroughfare” Proposed for Lincroft

Brookdale officials are now accepting bids for a comprehensive series of upgrades that could begin this year on the Lincroft campus.

If approved, the project would create a new “Campus Gateway Path” stretching from the Collins Arena to the Performing Arts Center, featuring decorative pavement, new landscaping, ornamental lighting, seating alcoves and a host of other upgrades.

2015-WALKWAY VIEW_shrunk

A conceptual rendering of the proposed “Campus Gateway Path” in Lincroft. Image courtesy of Partner Engineering and Science.

The new promenade would become the “spine” of the Lincroft campus, connecting nearly all existing buildings and serving as a source of social and aesthetic unity, said landscape architect Adam Alexander.

“This would essentially create a beautiful main thoroughfare for Brookdale students, employees and visiting members of the community,” said Alexander, who helped design the project for Partner Engineering and Science in Eatontown.

“New areas would be created for quiet reading or conversations, including new signage and landscaping, and upgrades would be made for pedestrian safety and accessibility. It would redefine the way people view, access and experience Brookdale’s flagship campus.”

The new Gateway Path would be designed to match and unify the existing structural architecture on campus, would be wheelchair accessible and would feature energy efficient LED lighting in decorative fixtures for safe travel at night.

The plans also call for a number of new public art installations along the thoroughfare, to be designed and created by Brookdale art department employees.

The project, expected to be funded by Monmouth County through the state’s Chapter 12 capital improvement fund, would also bring improvements to the entrance and walkway of the Monmouth Museum.

“Monmouth County has presented us with a unique opportunity to further beautify our Lincroft campus and maximize the potential of our underutilized ‘back walkway,” said Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy.

“After sitting relatively idle for many years, this path could now become the center of all campus life, and provide new opportunities for the Brookdale community to learn, explore and come together. We are extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity.”

Bids for the project are expected to be received and reviewed by August 7. If a contractor is selected and approved by the Brookdale Board of Trustees in late August, work could begin as soon as the fall semester.

Specific details on the project, including total cost and projected completion date, will be available if and when a contract is awarded. If approved, college officials say the work will be conducted to minimize disruptions to the campus community.

Check out a full proposed site plan for Campus Gateway Path here.

Design images courtesy of Partner Engineering and Science.