Saturday, August 15

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Nai-Ni Chen Dancers Live@Lunch

Both students and faculty gathered at the Student Life Center on Tuesday, January 28, to see the free lunch-time performance of Nai-Ni Chen and experience the art of Chinese dance. Student Life and Activities hosted this Live@Lunch event to celebrate the Chinese New Year as it approaches.

Encouraged to have an all-around cultural experience, students were greeted with a buffet of traditional Asian cuisine. Some of the more popular dishes included spring rolls and chicken lo mien, and many grabbed a fortune cookie or two for dessert.

After participants enjoyed the meal, the Nai-Ni Chen dance company took to the floor performing a captivating ribbon dance. With vibrant colors soaring over head and authentic music filling the Navesink room, seats filled up as more students entered to watch the fluid moves and technical footwork of the professional dancers. Brookdale Community College student, Ashley Bernard, mentioned, “This is my second time seeing them and their commitment and dedication really shows.”

Nai-Ni Chen choreographed six dances in total for the event, but it was not over until the audience had their own chance to showcase the steps they picked up on throughout the performance. Volunteers were handed a ribbon and took to the floor to try their own dance moves. Student Life Board president and ribbon dance participant, Kevin Moedt, commented, “it was an incredible experience right before the Chinese New Year.”

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By:  Michele Ziobro, student intern

Kevin Moedt

Kevin Moedt, Student Life Board president, participates in a ribbon dance.