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Mind-Reader Eric Dittelman Kicks Off ‘Laugh at Lunch’ Series
A man and a female student stand on stage in the Student Life Center as the man holds up a sign to the audience reading the word 'Embarrassment'.

Dozens of students packed into the Student Life Center in Lincroft on Jan. 30 for a mind-bending performance by nationally acclaimed comedian and mind-reader Eric Dittelman.

Dittelman, who rose to fame as a fan favorite and semifinalist on the 2012 season of “America’s Got Talent,” has appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” in the pages of Entertainment Weekly and was recently named Best Male Performer by Campus Activities Magazine.

Throughout his nearly two-hour performance, hosted by Student Life and Activities as part of the spring 2018 “Laugh at Lunch” series, Dittelman was able to shock even the most hardened skeptics with his unique blend of humor, magic and inexplicable prognostications.

He began the show by asking three random students to stand up and provide a number off the top of their head. Leonard Shand, who chose the number 31, was called on stage as Dittelman removed an envelope from his pocket and asked Shand to open it and read the paper inside.

Addressing a crowd of classmates, Shand began to read a head-to-toe description of the clothes he was wearing, from his red-and-white American Eagle shirt to his blue jeans to his black-and-red basketball shoes. On the back of paper, Dittelman had written the number 31.

Mind-reader Eric Dittelman stands on stage with a student in the Student Life Center.

Eric Dittelman (right) reads Leonard Shand’s mind during the Laugh at Lunch program on Jan. 30.

Later, first-year psychology major Amanda Trerotolo was called on stage and asked to select a random page from a Harry Potter book. From the other side of the stage, Dittelman not only correctly guessed Trerotola’s page, but knew the last word that was written on it.

“It was shocking. Very shocking,” said Trerotola. “I was definitely skeptical at first, but once he revealed the word it was just mind-blowing. I don’t know how he did it.”

Other acts included a new “crowd-sourced” audience segment, in which students passed around a cell phone and input random numbers which later added up to a shocking total, and a trick in which Dittelman accurately guessed Brookdale students’ drawings while wearing a blindfold that had been thoroughly duct-taped to his head.

“You didn’t know it was going to be this kind of show, did you?” joked Dittelman, as a student volunteer stuck layers of duct tape over the mind-reader’s eyes, around his head and even over one ear. “It looks like we’ve found the level of the crowd.”

Following the show, Dittelman hung around for nearly half an hour to sign autographs and take pictures with students.

“I thought it was a great way to start the semester,” said Trerotola, a member of Brookdale’s Student Life Board, which helps to plan and organize campus events each year. “It was really entertaining and it got everyone involved in something together, which is what we’re all about.”

The program also featured a free pizza lunch and refreshments.

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