Tuesday, February 25

Brookdale Newsroom

Men’s Basketball Team Receives National Championship Rings

In March 2013, Brookdale’s men’s basketball team received their first national title. Last night, they received the championship rings to commemorate that achievement. A range of emotions were apparent – pride, humility, excitement and joy – as the team, coaches and their supporters reflected on the winning season.

“The championship ring serves as a symbol of the team’s effectiveness on the court and how they came together as a team. They were a great group of students that came together from all over, and formed a special bond that made them a family,” said Shawn Noel, athletic director.

Several speakers at the ceremony also noted that the team not only excelled on the court, but were committed to their academics. “They were students first, striving to do well in the classroom as well as on the court,” said Richard Pfeffer, dean of enrollment management.

Monmouth County Freeholder’s John Curley and Serena DiMaso recognized the team’s “determination, drive and great deal of talent” in a proclamation that declared November 19, 2013 Brookdale Community College Jersey Blues Day.

A representative from Senator Jennifer Beck’s office offered congratulations and presented the team with a Joint Legislative Resolution from Senator Beck, Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande and Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini. The resolution read in part: “this Legislature hereby honors and congratulations the Brookdale Community College Jersey Blues Men’s Basketball Team and commends the team’s players and coaches for their exceptional efforts and competitive spirit as evidenced by their accomplishments.”

During the ceremony a recording of the team’s recollections of the season and their thoughts about winning the national championship was played, and can be viewed below. Dr. Maureen Murphy, one of the team’s biggest supporters, presented the coaches and the team with their championship rings.

To view photos from the ring ceremony, click here.