Thursday, June 04

Brookdale Newsroom

Brookdale Community College launches new OneCard

By: CR80 News

All currently enrolled Brookdale students will now receive a Brookdale OneCard. This includes visiting, fast start, dual enrollment, distance learning, early high school students and high technology high school students taking classes on the Brookdale campus.

Brookdale faculty and staff will also receive the OneCard, and will be offered optional access to the Brookdale Bucks program, a declining balance account that allows for purchases to be made on campus.

Per the college’s website, OneCard’s pre-paid declining balance debit function enables students to load their credential with Brookdale Bucks for purchases at Dining Services, the Scroll & Pen Bookstore, Bookstore West, and designated vending machines across campus. The OneCard is also used to access Brookdale resources such as the campus library.

Students will not be charged for their first Brookdale OneCard, and there are no transaction fees for purchases or for deposits or for a legal name change. There is, however, a $15 card replacement fee for lost or damaged cards, which can be waived for cases with a police report for stolen cards.

Brookdale’s OneCard is a multi-purpose credential that serves the following functions:

  • The official Brookdale Community College photo identification card
  • A prepaid, declining balance debit card that uses BrookBucks – funds that can be used on campus for purchases at designated locations.
  • The Money Network Enabled Discover OneCard Account from which students can elect to have the Financial Aid awards and refunds directly deposited to the Brookdale OneCard. The Money Network Enabled Discover OneCard is not a credit card and all funds are FDIC insured. This is an options feature for students only.

The Brookdale OneCard has two stripes, a holographic magnetic stripe used to access the optional Money Network Enabled Discover OneCard Account, and a second, solid stripe used for ID functions, or when using the optional BrookBucks program. Students can also manage their Brookdale Bucks using the Blackboard Transact eAccounts Mobile App where they can view account balances, transactions and make real-time deposits to a Brookdale Bucks account from a mobile device.