Wednesday, June 03

Brookdale Newsroom

Math Lab Week Equals Fun and Games

Pi, or 3.141592654…., is more popular than ever! Brookdale’s Math Lab honors Pi Day annually during Math Lab Week, which took place this year from March 11 -March 14. Students were encouraged to visit the Math Lab and learn about the services available to them.

“Students who attend the Math Lab throughout the year show improvement both in their classes and on tests,” according to Brookdale Math Professor Gregory Liano.

Food and snacks were available, as well as prizes, puzzles, and giveaways to demonstrate how improving math skills can be fun. Students who visited the lab, located in MAS 204 and 205, were entered into a drawing to win the various giveaways and prizes, including a T-Inspire Graphing Calculator and T-shirts.

By: Meredith Miller, student worker, College Relations