Friday, April 03

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Local Businesses Award Scholarships to Brookdale Students
Denzell Marable stands with members of the Corporate Resource Alliance in Freehold on Oct. 3.

Three Brookdale students will have an extra $1,000 for books, tuition and other college expenses this year thanks to new scholarship awards by members of the Corporate Resource Alliance (CRA), a New Jersey-based collective of business and community leaders.

The alliance, which holds regular meetings at Brookdale’s Freehold Campus, joined with Manasquan-based member business Patriot Mortgage to support three local students pursuing careers in business and education.

“Our organization donates money to a number of different causes, and we felt that one of the causes closest to us was local students,” said John Kalli, president of the CRA and CEO of Trinity Worldwide Technology in Marlboro. “We wanted to support a student who could really use the money in his or her pursuit of a college degree, and we were very happy to be able to do so here at Brookdale.”

The scholarship recipients were selected from a pool of applicants who currently study at Brookdale’s Freehold Campus. Education major Alba Alvarez received a $1,000 award from the CRA, while education major Daniela Balzano and business administration major Denzell Marable each received $1,000 awards from Patriot Mortgage.

Denzell Marable speaks with members of the Corporate Resource Alliance in Freehold on Oct. 3.

“I couldn’t be more grateful,” said Marable, addressing the CRA board during its regular business meeting in Freehold on Oct. 3.

“I have been working my whole life, since I was a kid, and my goal is to one day work for myself and start my own business… I currently work two jobs while working towards my degree, I just got a car and started paying insurance, so this scholarship will be a really big help for me. Thank you all, so much.”

Prior to the start of the meeting, CRA members handed Marable their business cards and encouraged him to stay in touch as he pursues his career in business. The board also viewed a recorded video message from Alvarez, who was unable to attend the meeting in person, in which the aspiring educator thanked each member for helping to support her dream.

On behalf of each recipient, Freehold Campus Dean Yesenia Madas thanked the board for their support of hard-working Brookdale students.

“Thank you all so much for your generosity,” said Madas. “It really does change lives.”

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