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Live at Lunch Series Kicks Off With G Yamazawa

National slam poetry champion and acclaimed spoken word artist G Yamazawa kicked off Brookdale’s 2016-17 Live at Lunch series Oct. 13 with a college hour performance in the Student Life Center.

Dozens of students packed into the Navesink rooms for a free pizza lunch and a sampling of G Yamazawa’s unique blend of comedy, social commentary and inspirational poetry, much of which centers on his experiences as a minority growing up in America.

In “10 Things You Should Know About Being an Asian from the South” – a popular piece he has featured during performances on the TV One program “Verses and Flow,” the Sundance Film Festival, the Bonnaroo Music Festival, and even at the Pentagon – Yamazawa explains the social “rules” he learned as a young man in conservative North Carolina.

“Laugh along with their ignorance; it will give you strength,” he said. “Find time to search inside. You see, a smile don’t shine unless you wear it with pride. I remember every time I would laugh, I would cover my eyes. But now, I realize I have nothing to hide. You see I like my chicken teriyaki or fried; I like my fried rice with hot sauce on the side.

Second-year Brookdale student Arthur Zamot performs on stage during G Yamazawa's Live at Lunch show on Oct. 13.

Second-year Brookdale student Arthur Zamot performs on stage during G Yamazawa’s Live at Lunch show on Oct. 13.

“See this is for all those ridiculers and racists as a child, and this is dedicated to all them Asians from the south,” he added. “But there were plenty of things I had to sacrifice too. I used to sell half pounds to half of my school. But I ain’t swagger-jacking; I won’t rap like you. Because dog, I’m Asian, and I eat cats like you.”

Yamazawa also took time out between poems to interact with the crowd, which included international students and second- and third-generation immigrants from countries across the globe. His blunt social commentary, punctuated at times with raucous comedy and frank recollections of his own life as a college student, resonated with the Brookdalians in attendance.

One student – second-year video communication major and aspiring musician Arthur Zamot – was even invited on stage to perform one of his own songs in a spoken-word style.

“I figured I would give it a shot,” said Zamot, who received a wild ovation from the crowd following his performance. “I was talking to G Yamazawa beforehand and mentioned my music and he asked if I wanted to perform. My friends really pushed me to get up and do it, so I did.”

Live at Lunch, sponsored by Brookdale’s Office of Student Life and Activities, is a year-long series of arts and entertainment performances offered during College Hour in the Student Life Center. Admission is free and includes free lunch.

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