Monday, April 06

Brookdale Newsroom

Lifelong Learning Highlights East Asia’s Past, Future

Earlier this month, Brookdale’s Think Friday, a Lifelong Learning presentation, highlighted “China and Japan in the 21st Century,” a lecture presented by Dr. Laura Neitzel.

Dr. Neitzel’s presentation gave an overview of East Asia’s rich history while discussing their presence in recent headline news.

The lecture discussed topics ranging from: the history behind the antagonism between Japan and China and the pivotal events fueling these tensions, the relevance of disputed island territories, and why China is a key influence to North Korea.

“As an historian, I believe the best way to make sense of the present is to understand the past,” explained Dr. Neitzel. During her thought-provoking lecture, Dr. Neitzel projected that headlines from East Asia may soon overshadow news of the Middle East.

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