Sunday, July 12

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Ken Burns Film Series Continues at Brookdale
Tom Cioppa speaks in front of a digital screen in a MAN classroom building.

In anticipation of an upcoming appearance by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, professors Bernard Olsen and Thomas Cioppa hosted a Q&A and film discussion of the director’s work on April. 27 in the MAN building.

History professor Bernard Olsen presented Ken Burn’s “The Civil War,” an award-winning 1990 miniseries about the American Civil War.

As a credentialed expert and author of “Upon the Tented Field: An Historical Account of the Civil War as Told by the Men Who Fought and Gave Their Lives,” Olsen praised Ken Burns overall orchestration of the series as a historian as well as a filmmaker. From choosing the most renowned experts to Burns’ use of music and his research of first-hand accounts of the conflict, Olsen said Burns had succeeded in bringing the Civil War to life on the screen.

Political science professor and avid outdoorsman Thomas Cioppa presented the documentary miniseries “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea,” which depicts the United State’s national park system and its roots.

Cioppa commended Burns’ focus on the significant personalities of the park system, rather then primarily focusing on the parks themselves. He also praised the documentary for telling the history of the national parks system and its impact on natural conservation efforts in the U.S. Viewers were also presented with behind-the-scenes footage from the film, which depicted Burns forgoing stock footage in favor of traveling to various parks across the country and filming nature scenes in person.

“His work serves to teach us about our history in a compassionate, educational, yet entertaining way,” Cioppa said.

Ken Burns will be hosting a rare presentation and Q&A in Brookdale’s Collins Arena at 12 p.m. on Oct. 27. 

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