Wednesday, June 03

Brookdale Newsroom

Students ‘Showcase’ their Talents at Achievement Showcase

“Hey, I didn’t know they did that.”

That’s what Student Achievement Showcase organizer Brandon Gramer, assistant professor of English, trusts students will say after stopping by one of the 30-minute student presentations at the May 7 event. The showcase, the second annual, runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the lower level of the Warner Student Life Center.

Students, faculty, staff and members of the community can choose from nearly 40 different student presentations to hear what kinds of endeavors make Brookdale students proud. Visitors are welcome to stay for one session or all of them.

On tap for this year: a student designed robotic arm, a hovercraft, student films, academic research, math projects, creative writing, club presentations and more.

The Student Achievement Showcase is open to all. Presentations will embrace a variety of creative, academic, service and professional work. Participants gain confidence, speaking experience and personal satisfaction, as well as an accomplishment to add to their resumes.

“It gives them a professional experience, one that will occur again and again in their work lives—convincing their peers and mentors of the worth of their ideas,” Gramer said.  “Last year, in just a half hour, I saw the students’ confidence in themselves grow and their command of their ideas mature. They proved themselves ready for the next years of college and for the world.”

To reserve your seat or to inquire about presenting at this year’s showcase, email showcase@brookdalecc.edu.

Featured photo:

Scott Rosenstein demonstrates the robotic arm he constructed  from plywood and syringes. The arm is one of the featured presentations at this year’s Student Achievement Showcase.