Thursday, May 28

Brookdale Newsroom

Human Trafficking Worker Visits Brookdale

The fourth day of Brookdale’s International Education Week featured a Global Citizenship Seminar from Karuna Dayal of the Atlas Corps Fellowship. Dayal discussed her work fighting human trafficking around the world as a part of the Global Citizen Project. Dayal talked about the importance of Social Justice, which she described as “getting access for those who cannot.” She talked about her experiences in the Delhi Task Force, where she rescued over 300 people from human trafficking in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

In addition, Dayal helped shed a light on how prevalent human trafficking is in the United States. Throughout the seminar, she showed a slideshow full of photos of men, women, and children she has freed. At the end, Dayal encouraged the students to be aware of global problems like child labor and human trafficking.

Photo By Aidan Josephson