Monday, April 06

Brookdale Newsroom

Honor Students Present Projects at Spring Symposium

On April 19, 2013 the Honors Program held its second annual Spring Symposium. Twelve Honors students presented projects or papers they developed during their two years at Brookdale. The Symposium was attended by more than 50 family members, fellow Honors students, Brookdale administrators and faculty

Pictured from left:  History Professor Laura Neitzel, Mandi Shaw-Koehler, Nicole Tomy, Lauren Hoke, Courtney Lord, Natalia Wybraniec, Rachel McGarvey, Donna Kosenko, Jim McConnell, Tim Lyons, and Political Science Professor Jonathan Moschberger



Using the World as Your Classroom: Unschooling and Motivation
Mandi Shaw-Koehler
Advisor: Professor Diana Glynn

Cycle of Poverty in the United States: Escaping Through Education
Nicole Tomy
Advisor: Professor Roseanne Alvarez

I Played this Video Game and All I Got Was this Lousy Stereotype
Stephanie Eng
Advisor: Professor Roseanne Alvarez

Sisterhood of the Traveling Trunks: A Journey Through Arts in Education
Lauren Hoke, Courtney Lord, and Natalia Wybraniec
Advisor: Professor Roseanne Alvarez

The American Dream Re-Visited: A Reconciliation of the Unrealized Dreams of Holden Caulfield
and Jay Gatsby
Jim McConnell
Advisor: Professor Scott Ridley

Food for Thought: Philosophers’ Views on the Rights of Animals and the Consumption of Meat
Rachel McGarvey
Advisor: Professor Darlene Macomber

Sudan Now
Asa Ragnarsdottir
Advisor: Professor Tom Cioppa

America: A Declining Superpower?
Iain Phillips
Advisor: Professor Tom Cioppa

Hurricane Blows Seeds of Change: How My Voice was Louder than the Storm
Zach Eisenberg
Advisor: Professor Jonathan Moschberger

Second Amendment Under the Gun
Donna Kosenko
Advisor: Professor Jonathan Moschberger