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Students Recognized for Commitment to Global Issues

Brookdale faculty and students who demonstrate a commitment to increase awareness of global issues, and who engage in these issues as part of curricular assignments, were recognized early this month with Global Citizenship Awards at an awards ceremony hosted by Brookdale’s Global Citizenship Project. Awards were presented to faculty, staff, and students who demonstrate commitment and leadership toward a global issue outside the classroom through awareness campaigns, fundraisers, and other globally focused activities.

This year, 19 students received awards for their various projects including: using Nooks in the Philippines, Amazon Deforestation, KIVA.org, safety for the GLBTQ community in Morocco, and Guatemalan poverty. The Mathematics Department and the Speech Communication Department were also acknowledged at the ceremony for their commitment to Global Citizenship. (Pictured in the photo above: Laura Ostar with Speech Communication adjunct Joan Scocco.)

“The topics that our students research are thoughtful, inspiring, and eye-opening, and their work should be commended,” said Professor Howard Miller, faculty liaison to the International Education Center. For a list of student curricular award recipients, see below.

The Global Citizenship Project at Brookdale aims to educate and engage students and the college community on global issues in order to improve the world in which we live and to foster a life-long commitment to global citizenship.

Three years ago, when the program began, Global Citizenship was defined by the creators of this project as “the application of social responsibility at a global level through active participation. A global citizen is one who is connected with the concepts of globalization, participates in ways to reduce inequities, and refrains from behaviors that hinder the well-being of others,” according to Miller. The GCP was created by Speech Professor Howard Miller, Professor Terry Kohn and Chemistry Professor Tom Burke.

“After three years, we’re incredibly excited by both our progress and the commitment of so many people at the College. We started with the not-so-simple idea to save to save the world, and now we’re reaching dozens of classrooms each semester. Thousands of Brookdale students have engaged in global assignments that they never would have were it not for this project. We’ve presented Brookdale’s Global Citizenship model at conferences in Atlanta and Philadelphia. And we’ve spoken to colleagues across the country and around the world who also seek to internationalize their college’s curriculum,” he said.

The future of the Global Citizenship Project is optimistic. “In the coming semesters, we hope to grow into more and more classrooms so students from Brookdale can learn enough while they are here to truly be called Global Citizens,” said Miller.

For more information about the Global Citizenship Project, visit globalcitizen.brookdalecc.edu, or contact Howard Miller at hmiller@brookdalecc.edu, or (732) 224-2312 for more information.

Student Curricular Award Recipients:

Jenna Antonaccio: UNICEF
Barbara Burns: Raised Libraries/Nooks in the Philippines
Ryan Cantlon: The Nanking Massacre
Chris Carr: French Invasion of Mali
Hayley Carrier: KIVA.org
Kristen Dichkus: KIVA
Dino Falzarano: Life for a Child
Hallie Fertig: Doctors Without Borders
Michael Going: Amazon Deforestation
Mimoza Gola: Kosovo War / Misconceptions of Islam
Latesha Jones: Child Labor in India
Katrina Keynton: Poverty in Guatemala
Michael Negri: DRASH for the Mongolian Zud
Laura Ostar: Rwandan Conflict / Rape of Nanking
Raffaella Pace: Operation Smile
Molly Radice: Children in Rwanda
Lea Sherman: Edna Adan Maternity Hospital
Tonian Simonelli: Safety for GLBTQ community in Morocco
Roxann Siver: Women and Hunger in Ethiopia

GCP Awards 2013 048

Molly Radice discusses her project about the children in Rwanda.

GCP Awards 2013 058

Joe Greco, International Education Center poster contest winner.
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