Sunday, July 12

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Five Professors Honored as Outstanding Colleagues

Five Brookdale faculty members were surprised with one of the college’s highest honors on Sept. 1, after being selected by their fellow professors to receive the 2015 Outstanding Colleague Award.

Assistant English professor Dara Evans, associate English professor Donna Flinn, associate art professor Marie Maber, assistant nursing professor Bonnie Ross and assistant math professor Rebecca Rozario were individually recognized for their achievements during a college-wide faculty meeting in the Collins Arena on Sept. 1.

The awards, presented by history professor Jess LeVine and fitness professor Michael Toomey, included a gift and an engraved plaque, recognizing the honorees’ excellence in teaching and their outstanding service to the college community.

First established in 1987, the awards give faculty members a chance to recognize up to five of their colleagues for going above and beyond the call of duty each year.

“We have a small niche in the art department, so to receive a college-wide award like this is a really big deal,” said Maber. “It’s a wonderful thing the college does, encouraging people to look around and take note of things that deserve recognition. We’re all trying to make a difference, and it feels great to know that your work is being noticed.”

In addition to her numerous extracurricular activities – including advising the Art Society, overseeing Collage, contributing to Empty Bowls and earning a Community Arts Educational Leader Award – Maber was recognized for consistently inspiring passion in students of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Evans was similarly recognized for her work in the classroom, where she empowers students to think critically and develop their own voices. She was also honored for “captaining” Brookdale Governance throughout one of the most difficult years in recent college memory.

“She has steered it brilliantly through rough seas to some new harbors, never compromising on her course,” LeVine said. “She worked tirelessly to bring all of her crew together to work as one in the midst of almost mutinous conditions at times, keeping all focused on the positive treasure to be had in the future.”

Flinn was recognized for her more than two decades of drive, dedication and measurable results in the classroom. She also received well-deserved praise for spearheading Brookdale’s first ever Accelerated Learning Program, which has benefited hundreds of Brookdale students since it was implemented in 2011.

The program, which allows basic skills students to keep pace with their classmates and succeed in higher level courses, is molded in part by Flinn’s passion for student success and her tireless efforts to ensure Brookdale students stay on until graduation, LeVine said.

Ross was recognized for her undying support of students enrolled in one of the college’s most rigorous and demanding academic programs. A respected colleague and a valued member of her department, Ross also serves as a college representative to the New Jersey Action Coalition, where she works to develop valuable relationships with clinical agencies across the state.

She also served as co-chair of Governance’s Student Development subcommittee.

“She is a powerful and unselfish Brookdale citizen,” LeVine said.

Rozario was recognized for her firm commitment to student success and professional development, including a collaborative, multifaceted approach to classroom learning and a strong focus on individual student needs.

She was also honored for her tireless work with the Brookdale Math Club, Women in Engineering, Science and Technology, the First Year Experience program and at math conventions across the country, where she continually builds a strong network of shared knowledge and resources.

To learn more about the Outstanding Colleague awards, contact Jess LeVine or Michael Toomey.

Featured Photo (l-r): Rebecca Rozario; Marie Maber; Bonnie Ross; Dara Evans; Donna Flinn; and Vice President for Learning Dr. Matthew Reed.