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Five Medical Sonography Graduates Earn Honorary Pins

For the five newest graduates of Brookdale’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography training program, Aug. 14 was truly a cause for celebration. After a year of demanding coursework – including 1,000 hours of intensive clinical training in area hospitals – students Chloe Anselmo, Michelle Cannata, Dana Gencarelli, Alexandra Nies and Kara Wolkovitz were finally able to relax.

Surrounded by friends, family and a large group of Brookdale faculty and officials, the graduates officially concluded their studies with a celebratory pinning ceremony on the Freehold campus.

Instructor Kathy Benz-Campbell and program coordinator Kim Poss applauded the students for enrolling in one of the college’s most demanding professional training programs and seeing it through to the very end.

“You have had to learn so much information in such a short time and you have worked incredibly hard to get here today,” Poss said. “This has been an amazing class, and it has been our pleasure teaching each and every one of you.”

Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy echoed those sentiments, recognizing the sacrifices each student made in pursuit of such a worthwhile career.

Medical Sonography graduate receives her ceremonial pin during an Aug. 14 ceremony in Freehold.

Medical Sonography graduate Kara Wolkovitz receives her pin during an Aug. 14 ceremony in Freehold.

“We are so incredibly proud of you,” Murphy said. “Your accomplishments – and what you are going to accomplish going forward – means so much.

“You are going to have the power to save lives, including possibly our own. We desperately need well-trained professionals like you, so thank you for choosing to enter this career field and thank you for doing us all so very proud.”

The students then affixed a ceremonial Brookdale pin onto each others’ lab coats – a centuries’ old tradition in the health care field designed to unite a cohort of graduates as they move on into their careers.

The ceremony concluded with two emotional farewell addresses by Cannata and Nies, who recounted the trials and tribulations the classmates had experienced – and somehow overcome – together.

“This last year we learned and memorized every part of every organ and every vessel in the human body, along with their function and how to scan it,” said Nies, who had  worked as an elementary school teacher before deciding to switch careers.

“We stressed together over exams and taking physics … We entered these big, overwhelming hospitals and took the bull by the horns. I am so proud of us and all we have accomplished in this short amount of time. We all started this journey with the same goal in mind: to better ourselves and to help others. So, mission accomplished.”

According to Brookdale Health Care Training Manager Janet Spetko, four of the five graduates have already received offers of employment.

Also in attendance at the ceremony were David Stout, Dean of Student Success; Richard Pfeffer, Dean of the Freehold Campus; and Dominic Latorraca, Director of Workforce Training.

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FEATURED PHOTO: Diagnostic Medical Sonography graduates Chloe Anselmo, Alexandra Nies, Dana Gencarelli, Michelle Cannata and Kara Wolkovitz.