Thursday, June 04

Brookdale Newsroom

Faculty and Staff Attend Second Annual Scholars Day

More than 65 Brookdale Community College employees presented at the second annual Scholars Day on May 15. The event showcases diverse educational initiatives, research projects, and professional accomplishments of the Brookdale Community College community.

This half day event began with opening remarks led by Dr. Dianna Phillips, Executive Vice President for Educational Services. The Scholars Day presentations were kicked off with a keynote address on ethics and civility by Jonathan Moschberger, Associate Professor of Political Science; Carl Calendar, Dean of English and Reading; and Geoff Shields, Speech Learning Assistant and Adjunct Instructor.

Faculty and staff then attended three breakout sessions of their choosing which included a variety of topics including: STEM education, photography, academic integrity, campus safety, community service and internships, and studying abroad. Scholars Day encourages faculty and staff to share their research and innovative concepts, while collaborating with other members of the Brookdale community.

Click here for a link to the photo gallery of the event.

Pictured from left: Dr. Dianna Phillips and Geoff Shields