Thursday, June 04

Brookdale Newsroom

Employees Honored at Recognition Ceremony

Employees at Brookdale Community College were honored at the annual Recognition Ceremony on May 15, for their exceptional service, dedication, and commitment to the College.

Dr. Maureen Murphy, President, welcomed the attendees to the Employee Recognition Ceremony, and praised faculty and staff for their years of service, involvement in various organizations on campus, exemplifying the quality of excellence in education, and for their significant impact on the College campus and in the community.

“Every day, you keep Brookdale going and growing,” said Murphy. “It is the dedication and enthusiasm of all members of the Brookdale family that allows this kind of excellence to be celebrated today.”

Click here for a link to the photo gallery of the event. Click here to visit the Applause section to view a list of honorees.

Pictured from left: Carolyn Dennis, Kenneth McGee, Pamela Anania, Erik Johanson, Linda Mass, Kurt Scheffler, Shamese Scott, Louise Horgan, Kris Daly, and Nancy Kegelman were honored for their 25 years of service at Brookdale Community College.