Sunday, October 25

Brookdale Newsroom

Employee Spotlight: Sherri Vanderspiegel
Sherri behind stage.

Sherri Vanderspiegel, the technical supervisor of the Performing Arts Center (PAC), will mark her 20th anniversary at Brookdale in 2020. She oversees all PAC shows, student productions and rental schedules, among other responsibilities. She also serves as an advisor to the theatre and dance clubs on campus.

Vanderspiegel attended Brookdale and earned her bachelor of fine arts degree in stage management from Rutgers University. Prior to working at Brookdale, she worked as a stage manager for numerous shows and theatres in New Jersey, in addition to Off Off Broadway productions and workshops. Vanderspiegel grew up in Howell and now lives in Jackson, NJ. Outside of her work at Brookdale, she loves spending time with her nieces, nephews and dogs.Adam and Sherri sitting in the PAC.

What are some of the things you enjoy most about working at Brookdale?

I love working with the students. When I started working here, I realized that educational theater is where I wanted to be. I love watching our students grow, having an impact on their development and keeping in touch with them as they move on. We are a family here.

“I love watching our students grow, having an impact on their development and keeping in touch with them as they move on.”

– Sherri Vanderspiegel

Can you give an overview of the Theatre Department productions?

The PAC produces five large-scale productions a year, numerous music events and a variety of other student performances. Our students, both acting and technical, are involved in numerous productions providing them with different types of real-world experiences. They are exposed to different styles of theatre and have an opportunity to develop a range of acting, technical and productions skills. For the community at large, we offer reasonably priced tickets and a variety of different types of shows and events that you usually don’t see at a community college, such as the Haunted Theater and outdoor Shakespeare.

Can you talk about the various bonds students and alumni develop?

Our alumni are family. They come back and act or work on shows with students on a regular basis. We also bring in alumni to design our shows, giving students the opportunity to work with professionals. It opens up window into what they can achieve.