Tuesday, February 25

Brookdale Newsroom

E-Tutoring Goes Live at Brookdale

Brookdale offers a wide range of academic support for students. From the Writing Center, the Math Lab, the Reading Center and the STEM Lounge to the new Learning Commons and the Student Success Centers in each Higher Education Center, there is no shortage of free assistance for Brookdalians on their road to graduation.

But what about those students who can’t make it to campus? What if you need help with a paper or have a question for a tutor at 10 p.m.?

Now there’s eTutoring. Beginning this month, all Brookdale students will have access to an online consortium of qualified tutors from colleges across the northeast.

Simply by logging in to eTutoring, Brookdale students can submit term papers for review, ask specific questions about their coursework and participate in live, one-on-one tutoring sessions in a fully interactive digital environment.

While tutors won’t do your work for you, they are available 24 hours a day to help you prepare for exams, craft the perfect essay, and master your course material from the comfort of your home or campus computer lab.

With final exams on the horizon, Brookdale Vice President for Learning Dr. Matthew Reed said eTutoring should prove to be a valuable resource for all members of the Brookdale community.

“Our students are often balancing work, family and personal obligations while taking courses and preparing for exams, and it can be difficult to make it to campus or a higher education center for a one-on-one tutoring session,” Reed said. “This is just one more option for our students, allowing them the freedom to get the support they need from wherever they are, at any time of day.”

eTutoring is free and available to all registered Brookdale students. To login, learn more, or to watch a video about the new eTutoring service, simply click on the My Brookdale button on the Brookdale webpage and click the icon for eTutoring.

Brookdale eTutoring is provided through eTutoring.org and the Northeast eTutoring Consortium, which features credentialed tutors from colleges and universities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Illinois and Texas.