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Dozens Honored at 2017 Gold Star Awards Dinner
Students and advisors stand together to receive a Gold Star Award in a wood-paneled ballroom.

With many of their final exams completed and only a few weeks remaining before the end of the 2016-17 school year, Brookdale students came together for a night of dinner, dancing, prize raffles and some well deserved recognition on April 26 during the 2017 Gold Star Awards Dinner in Shrewsbury.

The ceremony, hosted by the Brookdale Student Life Board, recognized dozens of students, campus clubs and club advisors for going above and beyond the call of duty this year, with awards presented for achievements such as Best Club, Most Active Club Member, Program of the Year, a 2017 Community Service Award. General Gold Star Awards were also presented to select students, faculty and Brookdale student athletes.

“I wanted to say thank you to all of our leaders, all of our athletes,” said interim Student Life and Activities director Lauren Brutsman, who emceed the ceremony. “It’s really hard, when you’re in college, to be these type of people. You have so have so much going on in your lives, from academics and work to family and friends, and for you to be this type of leader on campus is really incredible. We could not be prouder.”

The awards were the results of hundreds of nominations submitted by Brookdale students and employees throughout the spring semester, with final votes cast by the Student Life Board. This year’s winners were:

General Gold Stars:

  • Students: Varun Medidi, Demi Vernikov, Medina Demiri, Ikrom Ibrahim
  • Employees: Jeana Malmros; AnnMarie Hughes, Fashion Club; Spyro Roubos, Math Club

Athletics Gold Stars:

  • Women’s Cross Country: Hannah Fite
  • Men’s Cross Country: William Nemeth
  • Men’s Soccer: Noah Drake
  • Women’s Soccer: Brittney Ramsey
  • Women’s Basketball: Hermione Bankoli
  • Men’s Basketball: Kerry Kirkwood
  • Cheerleading: Kyle Etzel
  • Softball: Danielle Lewis
  • Baseball: Pat Knight
  • Men’s Tennis: Mostafa Moamen
  • Women’s Volleyball: Rebecca Franey

“This was totally unexpected,” said Medidi, a Brookdale Student Ambassador and member of the International Students Association. “But I’m very proud. I love Brookdale and I do everything I can do to support student life, which is how I’ve gotten to know so many people here. Many of the students here are going to be graduating in a few weeks, so it’s good to see them receive some recognition for all they’ve done.”

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