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“Day of Dialogue” Honors Women’s History Month

From human rights and wage equality to the “glass ceiling,” healthcare and domestic violence, women in the U.S. continue to face a wide range of issues both at work and at home.

To help air those issues, and in honor of Women’s History Month, Brookdale’s Women in Learning and Leadership Program (WILL @Brookdale) partnered with the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) on March 26 to host a “Day of Dialogue” on the Lincroft campus.

Dozens of students, faculty, staff and community members gathered in the Student Life Center to engage in a free speech exercise and discuss the various challenges that women face.

The discussion covered a broad range of topics, offering a stage for all attendees to be themselves, listen, offer advice and practice tolerance.

Students, faculty and college administrators talk during the "Day of Dialogue" on March 24.

Students, faculty and college administrators talk during the “Day of Dialogue” on March 26.

The forum featured six panel speakers, including a number of students, International Center Director Janice Thomas and Brookdale President Dr. Maureen Murphy.

Each was asked to explain the number one issue facing women today, and how women can navigate their various challenges and rise above them.

According to Murphy, women today can benefit from being more authentic and true to themselves.

“Accept yourself, respect yourself, be yourself and stop seeking for approval,” she said.

Following the panel discussion, the audience was divided in groups to discuss their own primary concerns in a more personalized setting. After exploring the problems, groups relayed a number of their suggestions for women today, including the need to go beyond what is expected of them, to dream big and to turn their lofty aspirations into personal achievements.

Others highlighted the benefits of courage, determination, perseverance and the need to be an example for others.

Marking the AAWCC’s 40th anniversary, the Day of Dialogue also provided an opportunity to honor the legions of inspiring, pioneering women who have driven progress around the world over the last four decades.

Associate English Professor Roseanne Alvarez, co-organizer of the event and co-coordinatior WILL @ Brookdale, encouraged students to get further involved and help advocate for change as a member of the club.

Learn more about the club here.

ARTICLE BY: Andrea Alvarado, college relations intern