Monday, April 06

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CVA Exhibition to Kick Off ‘Celebration of the Humanities’

Sculptors, painters, writers, musicians, dancers, performers and artists of all stripes are encouraged to submit work for a new Brookdale-themed Center for the Visual Arts (CVA) exhibition titled “We/Re/E-Merge.”

All Brookdale faculty, staff and administrators can participate in the exhibition, which will run from Oct. 5 to Nov. 18 as part of a semester-long celebration of collaboration and community at Brookdale.

“As dedicated as we are to our jobs, we signify much more than that,” said assistant English professor John “Jack” Ryan, who is spearheading the initiative with associate art professor Marie Maber and a host of colleagues from Brookdale’s new Humanities Institute.

Brookdale professor Michael Broek will speak on campus Oct. 5 as part of a semester-long Brookdale humanities program.

Brookdale professor Michael Broek will speak on campus Oct. 5 as part of a semester-long Brookdale humanities program.

“So many of us participate in creative endeavors, so let’s share these works with our colleagues across discipline and position to help us reengage.”

Brookdale employees can submit work for the exhibition at the CVA Gallery on Friday, Sept. 18 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. An opening reception for Brookdalians and members of the community will be held on Friday, Oct. 9 from 5 to 8 p.m.

The exhibition, which will be one of the most diverse and substantial shows in the CVA Gallery’s history, will kick off a season-long initiative titled “Together Again for the First Time: Humanities at Brookdale.”

The program will feature arts events and two student competitions as part of an effort to promote the reunification of humanities at Brookdale, and bring the new Humanities Institute together under a banner of shared history.

“Many people don’t know that we previously were the Humanities [Division] many, many years ago,” said Ryan. “Then we were split like the atom. Now we have fusion and we are back together again. So our goal is to indicate our previous iteration while celebrating our new one.”

Upcoming events include a free talk by award-winning poets Michael Broek and Ilyse Kusnetz. Broek, an associate English professor at Brookdale, is the author of “Refuge/es” and winner of the Kinereth Gensler Award for poetry. Kusnetz is the author of “The Gravity of Falling” and “Small Hours,” which won the 2014 T.S. Eliot Prize from Truman State University Press. Their free talk will be held in the Student Life Center at 7 p.m. on Oct. 5.

“Together Again” programming will continue on Oct. 12 with a free public art demonstration by acclaimed sculptor and former Brookdale art professor Tom Schomberg. The free event, hosted in the CVA Gallery at 7 p.m. is part of the annual Visiting Artists Series.

The initiative will conclude on Tuesday, Nov 3 with an interactive program hosted by award-winning author, artist, playwright and poet William “Bill” Watkins. Watkins, of Ocean Township, was a founding faculty member at Brookdale, where he served as a humanities professor until his retirement in 2008.

The free program, which begins at 7 p.m. in the Student Life Center, will also include a student essay and student art competition focused on Watkins’ works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and drama. The three top finishers in each competition will win scholarships of up to $400 from the Brookdale Foundation’s Marge Ryan Fund.

For more information on “Together Again” events or the “We/Re/E-Merge” exhibition contact Jack Ryan or Marie Maber.