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Collage 2015 Receives Gold Medal from Columbia

Collage, Brookdale’s student arts magazine, has once again received one of the top honors in the nation for scholastic publication.

In March, Collage 2015 was awarded a Gold Medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). The award, presented annually by an international student press association comprised of student journalists and faculty advisers, recognizes outstanding achievement among qualifying scholastic publications across the country.

“I am very proud to have contributed to an award-winning magazine, showcasing the diverse and unique talent we have at Brookdale,” said Kenny Bieber, one of the student editors who reviewed submissions and helped produce and publish Collage 2015. “It makes me feel much more connected to my school.”

Caroline Guinee, who served as editor-in-chief of Collage 2015, remarked on the effort each student editor and contributor put in to the award-winning publication.

“We’re all full-time students, and we all put a lot of hard work into this,” said Guinee, following the publication of Collage 2015 last spring. “We couldn’t be more proud.”

According to associate art Professor Marie Maber, who served as 2015 Collage co-advisor with associate English Professor Kathleen Kennedy and graphic design instructor Basem Hassan, the final production was a result of the hard work, dedication and diversity found among Brookdale’s student community.

“I don’t think people realize the array of artistic talent we have here at Brookdale,” said Maber. “We had biology majors, radiology majors, and countless other students contribute work to Collage, along with our extremely talented literature and fine arts majors. Our students just have this drive, and it’s amazing to see.”

The student staff members who produced Collage 2015 were: Caroline Guinee, Luz Castrillon Roldan, Kenny Bieber, Patricia Lafferty, Robert Scott and Karla Smith.

The 107-page publication featured nearly 80 short stories, poems, paintings, photos and other artwork by dozens of student artists.

The Gold Medal isn’t Collage’s first such award. In the last four years alone, the publication has won two silver and two gold medals from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. In 2014, Collage also won the CSPA’s coveted Gold Crown award for excellence.


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Article by Mikaela Mazzeo, college relations intern.