Friday, April 03

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Brookdalians Return for 50th Anniversary Retiree Breakfast
Current and former employees mingle over buffet trays of food in the Student Life Center.

Nearly 80 Brookdale employees spanning the college’s 50-year history returned to campus on March 31 for the first ever Retiree Breakfast Reception, held in the Student Life Center.

The event, emceed by business management professor Barbara Boyington, was held in honor of Brookdale’s 50th anniversary, featuring addresses and testimonials from Brookdalians both past and present.

Following an address by current Brookdale president Dr. Maureen Murphy, attendees were treated to a few words from the college’s founding president Dr. Ervin Harlacher, who submitted some remarks and a video message to be shared with the group.

“My memories of the Brookdale early years are still fresh and special to me,” said Harlacher, who served as Brookdale’s president until 1974. “The Impossible Dream sums it all up, as it turned out to be possible after all.  I’d like to send my greetings to all who participated in that challenging and wonderful start-up period.”

Attendees were able to mingle with fellow Brookdale retirees and share stories of decades past during breakfast, before the event was opened to current employees for a college-wide mixer.

Invited guests included: Linda Barna; Kerry Behler; Joanne Behrens; Helen Benham; Susan Bliss; Joseph Boehler; Wanda Bolam; Carol Burkard; Cecilia Castro-Abad; Arlene Cohen; Nancylynn D’Averso; Edna Deegan; Carl DeJura; Mary Ann DeSarno; Dolores Engel; Joanne Eskola; Donald Fegan; Mary Fiorillo; Arnold Gelfman; Linda Germann; Henry Green; Alma Haftel; Judith Handleman; Thomas Hartman; Theresa Hicks; Kathryn Hjelle; Betty Holobinko; Doris Hudak; Betty Hunt; Lynn Johnson; Paul Keating; Susan Kenney; Carleen Kierce; Mary Kikolski; Rosalie LaPorta; J. Laurence Lowenstein; Thomas Mason; Carolyn McCreesh; Dana McKay; Ralph McMillan; Charles Meehan; Mary Kay Merritt; Laura Miceli; Carmen Montes; Jacob Needle; Diane Nuttall; Cecile Owsianik; Louis Pullano; Marion Quinn; Millicent Rein; Ilene Rutan; Bob Salam; Tanya Salas; Arline San Antonio; William Sandford; Alyse Scally; Harvey Schmelter-Davis; Lynne Schmelter-Davis; Mildred Schwarz; Howard Seigelman; Joyce Semoneit; Maureen Sherman; Enid Sidel; Ronald Sopenoff; Sally Sorrell; Brenda Spielzinger; Carole Stengel; Melissa Stryker; William Templeton; Webster Trammell; Ronald Topham; Karen Topham; Dorothea Travers; Sherri West; Leila Wollman; Diane Wran-Farris; and Lenise Young.

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– Photos by Minh Connors, college relations intern