Sunday, April 05

Brookdale Newsroom

PTK Encourages Students to ‘Commit to Complete’

In this vastly competitive global economy, college students face a professional world with  fewer job opportunities, intense competition, and limited job security. Despite these challenges, community college students who complete their associate degrees before transferring or entering the job market a have a competitive advantage, and members of Alpha Pi Theta, Brookdale Community College’s chapter of the international honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), are working hard to help fellow students understand the importance of degree competition by promoting the Community College Competition Corps (C4) initiative.

C4 supports and encourages community college students to successfully complete their associate degree or certificate program in order to increase their chances of success at their next level of higher education or in the job market.

“Brookdale’s graduation rate is ranked in the top five percent nationally. In 2010, nearly 40 percent of our students graduated with their degree or transferred, however, institutionally we strive for a 71 percent graduation rate,” said Dr. Murphy.  “Nothing matters more to us at Brookdale than student success. It’s at the heart of everything we do and Alpha Pi Theta’s dedication to the C4 initiative is directly connected to our efforts to help students succeed educationally, professionally, and personally – now and in the future.”

Statistically, completion of an associate degree or certificate aids the transfer process to a four-year school, enhances job security, and according to the US Census Bureau, increases earnings up to $8,000 more per year and $400,000 in a lifetime.

“By making the commitment to complete your degree at Brookdale, you gain more than self-satisfaction, you become more marketable, professionally and academically,” said Courtney Griffin, President of Alpha Pi Theta. “Completing an associate degree before transferring is also a financially sound decision for students. Brookdale is more affordable than a four-year school, so students can save thousands of dollars by attending their first two years here. In addition, students will likely have a smoother transfer process due to articulation agreements between Brookdale and other colleges and universities, and might be eligible for scholarship opportunities. ”

One way that Alpha Pi Theta students are raising awareness about the completion agenda is through their commitment signing event. Large “commit to complete” banners are displayed in the Bankier Library and in Larrison Hall bearing the signatures of students who understand the importance of completion and have committed to obtaining their associate degree before moving on.  Other events are planned this spring to further encourage Brookdale students to commit to degree completion.

“Brookdale administration and professors continue to provide us with the necessary skills and support needed to pursue our educational and professional goals,” said Griffin. “But students also have another strong tool readily available to aid their goals – the overwhelming support from their fellow students and the campus community.”

For more information about the C4 completion agenda, visit http://www.cccompletioncorps.org/ptk