Sunday, July 12

Brookdale Newsroom

Brookdale Wins Big in “Charity Challenge”

Dozens of Brookdale employees, alumni and community members came together this spring to support the Brookdale Foundation in the Ocean First Charity Challenge, a friendly fundraising competition held among organizations in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

While top honors went to three extremely worthy local nonprofits, the Foundation was able to raise more than $5,700 for student scholarships in just 30 days.

Brookdale Television also took first place in the OceanFirst Challenge’s “Top Promotional Video” category with this featurette, earning an extra $1,000 for the Foundation.

“We are profoundly grateful to everyone from the Brookdale community who contributed to this campaign and helped make a real difference in the lives of our students,” said Timothy Zeiss, executive director of the Foundation and Alumni Affairs. “I’m sure our future scholarship recipients will feel the same way.”

The Foundation’s “Building Minds, Building Futures” scholarship fund supports students and working families who don’t qualify for financial aid. Last year alone, the fund awarded nearly $400,000 in scholarships and grants to more than 500 students.

In addition to hosting the competition, the OceanFirst Foundation also contributes directly to the Brookdale Foundation’s scholarship efforts. This year the OceanFirst Foundation offered $1,000 scholarships to as many as 50 local high school students who chose to enroll at Brookdale.

Those scholarships will be awarded during an official ceremony on June 30.

For more information on the Brookdale Foundation and its scholarship programs, click here.