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Brookdale to Host “Day of Dialogue” on March 22

Brookdale’s month-long celebration of Women’s History Month will conclude on March 22 with a college-wide “Day of Dialogue” program, held during college hour in the Student Life Center.

The event, sponsored by Brookdale’s Women in Learning and Leadership Program (WILL @Brookdale) in partnership with the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) is designed to engage students, staff, faculty and community members in a conversation about the diverse issues and challenges that women face today.

Similar programs will be held simultaneously at colleges and universities across the country.

At Brookdale, this year’s program will center on the ongoing movement to end sexual violence in America. An expert panel will discuss the daily actions and social mores that perpetuate violence against women and prevent victims from speaking out.

These conversations are especially important on college campuses, said WILL@Brookdale coordinator Roseanne Alvarez, where students are both at risk and in a position to step up and make a difference for themselves and their classmates.

“For too long, community colleges have been left out of the conversation when it comes to addressing sexual violence in our culture,” said Alvarez, a Brookdale English professor. “Addressing ‘campus sexual violence’ is absolutely essential, but if we only frame this discussion in terms of residential colleges, then a majority of college students in the US – including their experiences and voices – are left unheard. That’s why we’re participating, along with other community colleges across the US during Women’s History Month.

“And the conversation needs to be inclusive in other ways,” Alvarez added. “From ‘slut shaming’ to online harassment, assault and sexual violence against women takes on many forms and is embedded in our media, culture, and lives.  In other words, this affects our community, and as a community college, we not only serve but are a part of this community. We believe that we can work together to make a change.  Above all, our students need to be a part of this national conversation and advocacy.”

Panel speakers will include: Sue Levine, victim support program coordinator for 180: Turning Lives Around; Christopher Jeune, Brookdale’s judicial affairs and student conduct administrator; Brian Oland, associate counseling professor; Roseanne Alvarez; and a representative from the Brookdale Police Department.

Brookdale assistant English professor and WILL co-coordinator Margaret Natter will moderating the panel discussion. Information and giveaways featuring Brookdale’s new Stay Safe website will be available as well.

Students and employees alike are encouraged to join in the conversation on March 22 and learn how they can be part of a growing fight for cultural change in America.

To learn more about WILL@Brookdale, click here.

PHOTO CAPTION (l-r): WILL co-coordinator Roseanne Alvarez; WILL members Alexis Mullin and Bailey Falco; and WILL co-coordinator Margaret Natter.