Monday, September 28

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Brookdale Students Visit the United Nations

Two dozens students from Brookdale’s International Students Association and the Students for Global Citizenship club travelled to New York City on Dec. 2 for a guided tour of the iconic United Nations building.

The students, led by radiologic technology professor Terry Konn and chemistry professor Shahin Pirzad, were offered a guided tour of the building and attended a special briefing by a senior UN official about humanitarian aid and ongoing UN missions.

Throughout the tour, students were also briefed about the work performed by the United Nations and shown beautiful works of art and artifacts gifted to the organization by member nations. 

Terry Konn leads students on a tour of the UN Council Chambers on Dec. 2.

Terry Konn leads students on a tour of the UN Council Chambers on Dec. 2.

“The UN briefing was educational and provided a real world perspective of UN work from a field officer,” Konn said.

Students were also able to visit the UN Council Chambers, where delegates from around the world meet to discuss UN business, and were later offered a rare tour of the UN Security Council chambers by Brookdale alumni and current UN Security Officer Juan Reyes.

In addition to expanding their global perspective and learning more about the 71-year-old intergovernmental organization, students were also able to come home were some truly unique selfies and group photos documenting the experience, Konn said.

“The day was fun-filled and a great experience,” Konn said. “The students learned a great deal about the United Nations and global issues, and learned how governments are working to improving conditions and eliminate the obstacles the UN faces in making the world safe and prosperous.”

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– Article and photos courtesy of Terry Konn